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For example, some parts of the Nubian Desert average 12 million artifacts per square kilometer.

They also calculate expected stone production given certain assumptions about population size and stone tool use over time.

Photo:, Judah and the Dead Sea Collection Archaeologists working at the Biblical site of Tel Gezer discovered a boundary stone inscribed with both Greek and Hebrew text dating to the period of conflict between the Seleucids and the Maccabees.

This is the thirteenth known boundary stone after over a century of excavations at Gezer, and it is the first to be found in over a decade.

Chatham is one of only three homes visited by both Washington and Lincoln, with Mount Vernon and Berkeley Plantation being the other two.

Chatham became a make-shift hospital in November 1862 and included volunteers such as poet Walt Whitman and the eventual founder of the American chapter of the Red Cross, Clara Barton.

Just how much Stone-Age produced rock could be strewn across the African continent? Let’s take a look at how these numbers were derived.

The results of a study just published (see references below) shows how incredibly dense stone artifacts can be in some places in Africa.

Undoubtedly, Solomon then mobilized against an Egyptian attack on his own Israelite kingdom.As one can imagine, Chatham fell into huge disrepair after the war.The home passed through a series of owners until it was finally restored in the 1920s by Daniel and Helen Devore.Hatton Ferry began crossing the James River between Albemarle and Buckingham Counties in 1870 but only did so at its original location for four years.The ferry moved upstream to its current location where in 1878, the Richmond and Allegheny Railroad established a stop that was active until 1950.

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