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“How I Met Your Mother” is one of my favorite tv shows.

That being said, a recent couple of episodes had me cringing and shouting at the tv the majority of the time.

Marshall (Jason Segel) was caught up in a problem of his own.

This the first time I can remember of four distinct storylines forming during a single episode.

As a budding counselor, I felt a similar frustration with this portrayal of a therapist.

� This particular set of episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” involved one of the characters, Robin, seeing a therapist for a court-mandated session after assaulting a woman on the street.

I felt a little bit like my mother, who often gets frustrated with exciting hospital tv shows.

Ted explains to Kevin that Robin and Barney have researched many of the women he dated in the past and ruined the relationships by revealing unappealing background information on them.When everyone begins arguing about whether "mystery" is better, Kevin calls them out on their behavior.He admits that while he did not want to analyze them, he has noticed that everyone in their group is unreasonably close and have been meddling too much in each other's lives.The show unfolds through Robin’s telling of the scenario in a therapy session and frequent quips by the therapist (or psychiatrist or counselor, it is unclear) to hurry up her story (“Can we just get to the assault? Throughout the show he also breaks confidentiality on several counts by describing his other clients (in one case, he describes how one of his other patients – mostly “disturbed felons” – sent him a bag of his own feces for the therapist’s birthday). In the following episode, the therapist actually starts to date Robin.

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Though they have obtained the information on the sex of their baby, they choose not to open the envelope containing the information so that the baby's sex will be a surprise when it is born.

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