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From then on, America’s taste for speed only matured.Though origins have been contested, experts generally agree the Oldsmobile 88 started the muscle craze in 1949 and foreshadowed a golden era of brawn that would capture the imaginations of motoring enthusiasts across all 52 states in the 1960s.While the American market may have been first, smaller muscle car markets have even emerged in Australia, South Africa and the UK.The epitome of muscle, the Pontiac GTO hit the scene with its functional hood scoop in 1964 and has been leaving its mark ever since. Throw a Rocky marathon on the TV and we’ll probably watch it. How else does an ex bodybuilding world champion get elected governor in a landslide vote.Our strongest affinity with muscle, though, undoubtedly rests in our proud automotive history. Accepted definitions suggest an authentic muscle car must be an American-made, lightweight 2-door coupe design with Herculean engine capacity for performance-focused driving.When the Plymouth Road Runner was first introduced in 1968, it had a base sticker price of only ,000.Of course, this 1969 model likely had some added "muscle." See more pictures of classic muscle cars.

ALSO SEE: Top 10 Japanese Sports Cars of the ’90s A bit on the rich side of things, the average value for this rare, race-bred Porsche hovers around 0,000.If you’d rather go with another (and considerably cheaper brand), you could also opt for the Thrush Glass Pack Muffler, which sells online for about .If you prefer that bubbly sound you get from a muffler, you can run your straight pipe with a turn down. Sure, fast sports cars are cool, but do they really intimidate you?Here is Hagerty’s list of best classic cars to buy for 2017: Not a surprising pick at all seeing how nostalgic JDM and fans have been going bonkers over all things Supra, the average price for one of these coupes is ,000.The challenge will be finding one in stock condition that hasn’t been abused, but if you can find one, it’s guaranteed to pay for itself one day.

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Between the uncertainty of what would make a good investment, fluctuations in pricing, and the inevitable wrenching and frustration, buying a classic car can be very intimidating.

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