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Thieves generally look in the glove compartment, center console, and under the seat of the vehicle in search of a firearm.Whenever you are away from your car and choose to leave the gun in your car, remember to place the gun in a locked glove compartment or center console. The employee discovered the cable had been cut off and the camera was missing when she went back on May 4.According to a press release by the Mobile Police Department, the gun used in the shooting death of 15-year-old Nia Savage was possibly stolen from an unlocked vehicle during the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, February 11.Robinson and Jones were arrested inside a local park.According to the police report, an officer patrolling the area saw a single vehicle parked inside the park, which was closed.The DCA’s report suggests that to prevent attacks from hackers and protect their personal information users should never operate computers using an Admin account, create a secure – preferably randomly generated – desktop password, have an up to date anti-virus software suite installed and to avoid emails from unknown users.

The footage, released by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, shows deputies in a car chase with the teenagers, aged 15 and 16, who were driving in a Honda Accord they had allegedly stolen, according to ABC News.

The Sheriff's Department has posted this video to social media to support the department acted fully to save the teens.

According to deputies, Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Laniya Miller, 15, stole a gold Honda Accord from a Pinellas County Walmart parking lot the night of March 30.

Though the county sheriff’s rules forbid deputies from chasing stolen vehicles, some officers were trailing the car when the car plunged into a pond off a sharp turn in the road around 4 a.m. After the crash, the sheriff’s office said deputies took off their equipment and tried to wade into the water to save the teens, before the darkness and thick swampy mud halted their path.

You Tube owner Google has been called on to do more to stop the proliferation of videos stolen from people's webcams on the video site.

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In the Digital Citizens Alliance’s recent report they describe how one female victim was left horrified after hackers manipulated her computer by showing disturbing imagery while she fed her baby - all while being recorded on webcam.

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