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The first two issues were 6-page, single-column, fold-over tract-like papers, black-and-white—not very impressive in appearance. 1 contained only news items describing some of our early campus meetings. Duane Gish on the Davis campus of the University of California.This was the meeting that involved an unscheduled 2½ hour debate with world-famous evolutionist, G. A favorable response from the large student attendance and a very positive write-up in the student paper eventually led to Dr.The majority of those taking an Archaeology degree do not intend to work directly in the profession.The main value of archaeological processes and ways of thinking are to do with the intelligent interpretation of insufficient data - something all high value enterprises are struggling with.

Share them with your friends, family and fellow students.To contrast and evaluate two radically different explanations for the origin of earth’s radioactivity, we will first explain some terms.With that background, new and surprising experimental evidence will become clear.At the bottom level - just like English, History, History of Art etc - Archaeology is an excellent humanities degree.It provides a general degree level education with a wide variety of transferable and general skills.

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