Tips on dating an aries

An Aries man is a go-getter and is bold enough to face any problem head on.

Because, being a “cardinal” or movable sign, Aries LOVE to work and pursue goals, and are happiest when “going for the gusto” in their professional lives. Even if and when you're wrong, as long as you're with him, you’re right too! You in turn become the mother figure that he adores and places above all others. They are natural leaders and are protective of those under their care. There is no deviating or looking around for better options. He will commit to being the father, the builder, the provider and protector.He didn’t just walk by you as if he didn’t see you, or did he? Really, the Aries male’s traits can be so inviting and such turn-offs at the same time! They are masters at whatever it is that they have chosen to do. Best match for an Aries man is one part independant, strong, mostly self sufficient. Or was he so straight to the point, so direct that it left you utterly bewildered and aghast? You won’t find an Aries man happily toiling away for anyone but himself. And two parts feminine, artistic, stylish and able to hold a conversation about current events.

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