Blackberry call list not updating

You also have the ability to show missed calls only, which is my preferred setting. The first method allows you to pick and choose which phone call logs are removed, whereas the second method allows you to clear out phone call logs older than a specific date. Highlight a date banner as per the screenshot below 4. In the event you need to add, modify or delete phone call log notes, complete the following steps. From the Home screen, press the Phone key and highlight a phone call log 2.Press the Menu key and select “View” followed by “History” 3.If content protection is enabled for the contact list, and the Black Berry smartphone receives a call when the Black Berry smartphone is locked, the identity of the caller will not appear on the Incoming Call screen.Content protection is designed to encrypt Black Berry smartphone data.Phone Call logs appear in the Phone application and show the status of recent calls by displaying a missed call indicator, a placed call indicator, or a received call indicator.A call log also includes the date of the call, the phone number, and the estimated duration of the call. Press the Menu key and select “Options” followed by “Call Logs and Lists” 3.When content protection is enabled, the Black Berry smartphone encrypts the data that is stored on the smartphone.This allows the Black Berry smartphone to secure sensitive information (such as the contact information).

Without permission to monitor your device's network state, auto call-in does not work.

If you own a Black Berry® smartphone, you most likely have spent a lot of time in your Messages app, sending and receiving emails or viewing your phone call logs.

Today I’d like chat about phone call logs in particular, and share some tips and tricks so you can customize how your phone call logs appear on your smartphone.

Or scan this code with your device: Downloading Cisco Web Ex Meetings for Windows Phone The app is available in Windows Store.

Or scan this code with your device: The app needs permission to access the calendar so that it can collect your meeting info from your device’s calendar.

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