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, doctoral graduates are increasingly likely to end up in non-academic careers.“Although research and academia are still prominent careers for Ph D students, they are not as dominant as may have been believed,” he says.

Positive teacher-student relationships draw students into the process of learning and promote their desire to learn (assuming that the content material of the class is engaging, age-appropriate and well matched to the student's skills). Because they enter our Program with different backgrounds, and the laboratories in which they choose to work are so diverse, our program is designed to be flexible.All doctoral candidates receive full tuition remission and a stipend for the duration of their studies.Our faculty have trained over 250 Ph D and MD/Ph D students and 500 postdoctoral fellows in just the past ten years, partnerships that have led to fundamental discoveries in the organization of the cerebral cortex, neurotransmitter signaling, neuronal and glial cell development, and circuit function.Our students represent the brightest young scientific minds, and many have shown an early commitment to research.

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