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Claude BIZIMANA Done at Huye, June 30» Case of Huye water enterprise, is my original work and has never been presented elsewhere for any other academic qualification at any university or institution of higher learning. Student name: NYANDWI Valens Date: 18/ 6 / 2014............................................................ Hence the low agricultural productivity, famine and frequent droughts; high population growth, low human resource development, high transport costs and environmental degradation contribute tremendously to the structural problems which led to huge macroeconomic difficulties.

Signature: ............................................................ To the almighty God, supervisor, parents, sisters and brothers, To my classmates and friends It is with heartfelt gratitude that I first thank Almighty God; I believe that He has always been with me, led my path and helped me to achieve my goals. Besides, social problems, which culminated into 1994 Genocide in Rwanda and caused the destruction of Economic and social infrastructures, the human resource base and the general productive apparatus and systems, were also affected by the war .

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  1. Gyllenhaal has described the film,which is released later this month, as a 'nude fest'. However, it is just part of the job.'That being said, it is intensely mortifying taking your clothes off in front of other people, but it is also intensely mortifying doing a lot of things in front of people and I've learned how to deal with that.