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Spencer Locke was an original Jennifer but left to film Resident Evil: After Life. Their relationship has had some ups an downs and in Welcome Back Big Time, Kendall got very jealous of Jo’s new co star. She loves to connect with fans and is excited about her music career. Camille is a 16 actress who is known as the “method actress queen” There are feelings between Camille and Logan. She recently shared on her Twitter @Erin Zariah that he helped her move her grandma into an assisted living place. She is smarter than her mom and is usually reluctantly helping the guys. Ciara has done some voice work on shows like Special Agent Oso and Open Season 3.She was replaced by Kelli Goss who still has the role. In Big Time Break Up, it looks like Jo is going to fly away on a plane and Kendall rushes to the airport to change her mind. She is the top billed cast in a movie called Mayhem set to be released in 2011. Whenever Camille is going to audition for a part, she usually gets really into her part and involves Logan. She was a regular on Zoey 101 and on The Young and the Restless. She enjoys taking time for her fans and supporting charities. She was also in a few shorts called Washed Up and The Cafeteria.I’ve always been fascinated by people and relationships and how they work. Is it actually possible to love someone your whole life?

I was a couple years into dating my now husband and it had hit that point that every relationship eventually hits.

You’ve both shown the uglier sides of yourself and you’re wondering if the other person is going to stick around.

I was asking a lot of questions at the time which are reflected in the chorus of the song…

Maslow is the star of BTR and he is still the star today, Maslow had been on the cover for Fitness RX and featured in it, damn if you see his body you will be drooling because of how hot he is.

Maslow also acted in Sequestered and See Dad Run as Ricky Adams (for See Dad Run) and Kevin Mohr (Sequestered), for this year 2015 Maslow will be acting in 2 movies, one of them is Seeds of Yesterday based on the bestselling book as Bart Foxworth and Wild for The Night as Wyatt.

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Not after they’ve changed into who you want them to be, but for who they are today. Do you feel like they like the parts of you that you like? I’m definitely no expert, but I think these are helpful guidelines for gauging if it’s worth wading through the hard stuff.

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