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Saying that, an opportunity to link Leeds and Sheffield will have been missed.

‘Presumably this is because they’re not able to rest or hunt when they’re swimming,’ said Anthony Pagano, lead author of the study.

See page 67 - https://uk/government/upload...A station in Sheffield city centre would require a lot of tunneling.

The business argument just isn't there when you compare cities like Manc & Brum which have 2.5m in their met area. It makes sense just to have the stop at Meadowhall with trams/bus/train connections & the M1 nearby.

Alas, will probably only happen when the Westminster mob gets their heads out of their.... The next station north of Meadowhall is Leeds with six trains per hour !

The fly in the ointment will be someone will see a great opportunity at HS2 Ltd to charge for parking at Meadowhall, this making that station as useful as a chocolate fireguard for commuters heading into Leeds Huh ?

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